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Parcel Auditing Success Stories

Rochester Client Saves Over $4.7 Million Using Shamrock Tools

Customer Solution Overview

  • Location: Rochester, New York
  • Revenue: Over $1 billion annually
  • Products:
    • Shamrock Modeling
    • Shamrock Insights
    • Shamrock Audit
  • Results:
    • Reduced base transportation costs by $4.7 million
    • Provided on-demand access to reports on shipping actuals and carrier performance
    • Ongoing cost recovery through the implementation of automated carrier auditing
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The Challenge

Like many leading companies, America's second-largest manufacturer of prescription contact lenses was looking to do more with less. They were faced with the difficult challenge of optimizing their global fulfillment and supply chain needs within a reduced shipping budget. To accomplish this, they needed an in-depth understanding of their own shipping patterns in order to introduce more efficiencies into their business and negotiate new contract terms with their primary carriers.

The Solution

To help them achieve their objectives and sort out the lengthy and inherently complex contract proposals, they entered into a strategic partnership with Shamrock Solutions LLC, a leading freight optimization and analytics solution provider. Shamrock analyzed contract proposals from FedEx and UPS against the company's actual shipping patterns, weights, and service types. Shamrock's tools then summarized all the information into easy-to-digest reports, providing a clear picture of cost implications associated with each proposal.

"The insights we gained from Shamrock's reporting dramatically changed the dynamic of our carrier negotiations... This resulted in negotiated savings of more than $4 million in base transportation costs over the life of our contract."
Jim Fiorino, Director for Distribution

Armed with the data Shamrock's tools provided, the company's distribution team entered carrier negotiations with their sights set on reducing costs where it mattered most to their business. The results were significant — instead of facing a net increase over their current terms, they actually decreased their costs for the next four years and selected the carrier with optimum service and cost levels for the specific needs of their business.

Modeling for the Future

Shamrock's modeling engine also allows customers to model against company growth projections. This helps them anticipate future costs, minimizing (or eliminating) guesswork in annual budget planning sessions.

"We see Shamrock's suite of tools as an ongoing critical component of our business. Their tools and reporting give us immediate and ongoing visibility that allows us to continually identify opportunities to optimize and introduce efficiencies. The fact that they have an audit engine as well, is really a bonus, it just runs in the background and adds incremental dollars to our bottom line without the investment of additional human capital."
Jim Fiorino, Director for Distribution
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