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What is Parcel Analysis & Auditing?

Every year, companies overpay between 1% and 3% on their parcel shipments by not holding the carriers accountable for all potential credits available to the shipper. Shamrock Solutions, LLC has the experience and tools to help you recover that money.

Parcel Spend Management (Parcel Analysis/Auditing) is the ability to analyze and act on your business' spending patterns in real time. With careful evaluation and consideration, you are able to leverage your own shipping patterns to negotiate the most favorable terms and conditions with your parcel carrier.

Shamrock is a rapidly growing freight optimization and analytics solution provider with a documented track record for success in the industry. Leveraging technology and extensive industry experience, Shamrock provides customers with a suite of SaaS-based Modeling, Business Intelligence, and Auditing tools focused on improving supply chain/logistics efficiencies and increasing bottom-line shipping savings.

Powered by a robust, world-class, data management platform, Shamrock provides on-demand access to meaningful reporting for enterprise-level customers across a variety of industries including:

  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Government
  • Fulfillment
  • Third-party logistics

Our custom-built, web-based software application allows us to scrub each client's weekly parcel shipments. Every week we audit against the contract pricing as well as multiple other audit points for potential credits.

Example audit points:

  • late packages,
  • incorrect surcharges,
  • voids,
  • and more.

Don't let your parcel carrier off easy — have us perform a weekly comprehensive audit of your parcel shipments. Click on the button below to schedule a demo of our software and find out how we can help you reduce your costs and increase the visibility into your spending. Or call us at 585-889-5401 for more information.

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Shamrock Solutions, LLC (Shamrock), is a NYS Certified, women-owned small business established in January 2005.